Now booking with Thread

Really pleased that Thread Recordings and Booking Agency will be booking future NJD shows in the UK and Europe. Get in touch with Lee via the web site.


New Videos

Here’s a couple of videos of tracks from the new LP – House of Dragons and Zanzibar Chai, both made with the excellent Nottingham filmmaker Jes Hill.

Supersonic Festival 2015

Delighted that my duo Fains, an electric collaboration with violinist Jo Cormack, will be playing at this year’s Supersonic Festival on Thursday 11th June in Birmingham Town Hall. We’re opening for Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory and his Moog Ensemble.

fains word

Muckle Mouth, London July 2nd

Great news – will be playing at Muckle Mouth on Thursday July 2nd opening up for the Dan Haywood trio. Come down!

House of Dragons LP

Delighted to announce that the House of Dragons LP is out now on Lancashire and Somerset records. Head over here to order a copy. I’ll have them at gigs from April 3rd.

To pick up an MP3 copy head over to my bandcamp.

house of dragons lp cover

Little Molly’s Dream

For those of you that missed it, here’s my version of Little Molly’s Dream from the Michael Chapman tribute comp. Such a lovely tune.

Farewell 2014, and thanks…

Thanks to everyone who came out to shows and lent their support in 2014, it really means a lot to me. Especial thanks to Sharron Kraus, C Joynes, Grasstops Recordings, Hayden Pedigo, Fylde Guitars, Mariano Rodriguez, Steve Malley, Kogumaza, Sideways Through Sound and Lancashire and Somerset records. Sin Eater festival was a total highlight, likewise shows at the Dentist in London and elsewhere with friends old and new. The new record exists!!! Just finalising the packaging and then it will be out, woo… Really looking forward to 2015, got some exciting things in the pipeline (and a wonderful new Fylde guitar) so watch this space! I’ll be taking albums off sale on Bandcamp later on today due to these unfortunate VAT developments, hopefully get that sorted at some point when the grown ups have ironed it out…

Three Tuns Brewery Gig with Kogumaza, Dusty Bible, Gareth Hardwick, Haress and more…

New vids

A couple of videos of recent performances at one of my favourite venues, the Old Dentist at 33 Chatsworth Road, London.

Filmed by Rosie Reed Gold

‘Be Thankful’ – Collaboration with Hayden Pedigo

It’s a pleasure to be one of the many collaborators on Texan guitarist Hayden Pedigo’s forthcoming album Five Steps. Enjoy a preview and download over at Decoder Magazine…¬†or head over to buy at Debacle Records